The blog is back, huzzah


We’ve been busy lately; the last three weeks have been spent relentlessly promoting our first night in Swansea where, as many of you may know, DTB got started a couple of years ago. For those that know, and attended our first club night, thank you, it was a phenomenal success and none of us expected it. Thanks to all who came, especially to the bloke in his 30’s in a suit shirt, trousers and smart shoes that I managed to pull in off Wind Street. I wasn’t hopeful about him at first, and thought I’d wasted a flier. As it turned out, this man ditched the two typical Wind Street girls he was with who “didn’t really like house music” (but had just spent hours in Yates’ listening to some Avicii or LMFAO drivel). He came in on his own, paid a fiver, bought some drinks and proceeded to have a good old dance, on his own, until 4.30. Now that’s what we like to see. Continue reading

01/05/2013 DTB Midweeking Introducing Mix Presents: Looki


This weeks mix gets all bass heavy as we hand over the controls to Staffords finest, Dan Edensor a.k.a Looki. Turn this one up. Continue reading