10 reasons you should love… Lenzman


Say hello to our new feature, ’10 reasons you should love’. This feature aims at providing you with a rounded view of producers that, if you don’t already, you should love listening to. To prove our point we will be giving you (at least) 10 examples of their music, be it original mixes or remixes. Episode 1 is none other than Lenzman…

I don’t want to get ahead of myself straight away, and I only have a short time to gather tracks and compile this list. I haven’t, therefore, chosen someone obscure. However, it had to be a top quality producer for the first post, obviously. I also wanted to provide music that means a lot to me and which fits the current good weather we’re receiving as well as the excitement of the forthcoming summer.

Many of you will already know Lenzman. He’s a Dutch producer releasing a lot of material on the Metalheadz label. This guy is already a total legend in the liquid drum and bass world despite having been putting material out for less than 10 years. If you know of Lenzman then you know you’ll enjoy this list. If you don’t know him and you like liquid drum and bass, or even just drum and bass, then you’re in for a treat.


If you have no idea why the fuck I’m talking about liquid in relation to music or you don’t listen to or like that heavy drum and bass that you see 35 year old locals chewing off their faces to in your local bass club, then you really, REALLY, need to start listening to liquid dnb. And if you’re gonna start, there’s no better place to start than Lenzman, in my opinion. He provides a classic liquid sound: soulful vocals; atmospheric piano riffs; clean beats; just the right amount of bass; and generally just happy, smooth vibes.

So turn your volume up, and if you’re anywhere near sunshine get your sunglasses on and sit outside whilst listening to deze here taystea beatz.

Enough talk, in no particular order, here’s Lenzman.

1. Let’s start off with the new, seems like a fitting starting point.

2. Oh yeah you want more now, I know it.

3. Let’s move to the slightly older

4. Oh good lord, then there was this… (if you’re religious, you should praise God for DRS’ album and pray for another, right now)

5. Collabs all over the shop

6. You might need tissues for this one, I’ll leave it up to you what whether thats for joyous weeping or for wan- .. yeah I’ll leave it up to you.

7. Dat soulfulness.

8. Something a wee bit heavier maybe for you dnb fans

9. I don’t think 10 is going to be enough…

10. Definitely not enough

11. It’s the first article so here’s a couple more

12. Eek, last one, sorry. We’ve inadvertently done a 180 though, as this was one of his earliest releases.

So, now you know why I chose Lenzman for this debut post.

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that the geezer’s a fucking naughty bastard on the decks. Here’s his mix for Friction on BBC R1…

Love, DTB

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the images featured on this blog post, the rights are owned by BetaPhotographie and DJPix. Photo’s will be removed upon request from copyright holders)

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