Disco’s Dead, but this party’s just getting started.

Having been out of touch with the UK music scene for a couple of months, it was incredibly refreshing to be plunged back in ears first by one of my favourite London labels. Discos Dead are an emerging  UK Techno & House label whose back catalogue includes the likes of Circula, Chubba & Pulsecode.  This week saw its third official vinyl release – Effys: Forth/The Look.

Effy, comprising of the Irish duo Kieran & Peter, have locked into the hard hitting sound that’s becoming a staple anthem around the U.K on a Saturday night, all whilst bringing their own smorgasbord of talent to the game. With backing and plays from Loefah, a plethora of  podcast appearances and free downloads, the pair are poised to cause ripples within the UK techno scene.

Joint Pic

(Left: Discos Dead. Right: Effy)

The headline track on the E.P, Forth, resonates an industrial sound that could be compared to the production styles from the likes of Paleman and the Swamp81 stampede. Through the first minute of listening we feel the track surfing along a mechanical kick drum which is beautifully accompanied by light, but not too distant, hi hats. The slow purr of the synths collide with all these elements to thrust you fist first into a kick that provides the perfect excuse to hang onto the DJ booth and shake your Red Stripe like it’s Sunday morning.  The track is a solid, dense, heavy hitting one and ticks all of the boxes people have come to expect from the UKs techno sound.

On the flip we are introduced to the second track – The Look. Upon the first play we’re instantly consumed with a Boddika-esque coalition of sound. The sharp, clean cut hi hats coupled with bass heavy kicks and grumbling synth stabs instantly lure feet towards the dance floor. The addition of  percussion and several vocal samples ride through the track, breaking things up and giving us a chance to realign our senses.  “The Look” is going to be at the front of my crate for a while to come. I get the impression I’m not going to be the only one.

With the label growing in size and popularity I believe expansion is its only natural and organic direction. The amount of fantastic pre-release ‘sneak peeks’ that are available via Soundcloud hints towards future releases, and with multiple denied requests for release dates, a shroud of mystery and anticipation is starting to appear over the name.

Of all the previews shown off, I saw it as my civic duty to introduce Outsiders EP, Ocean/Pebbles, as a testament to the label and producer. The smooth, opaque kicks and tranquillising vocals of Ocean combine to produce a very unique, well balanced atmosphere that finds a lovely middle ground in the distance between elements of modern house music and the sound of its roots. On the flip we’re flashed with a glimpse of the palette cleansing Pebbles. With its tight, floating percussion and rolling bass lines, the sound produced bares a great resemblance to the work of Nicholas Jarr. Not a statement to be thrown around willy nilly.

With its superbly driven techno sound already well established and an avenue of musical talent left to be explored, I’m excited to see what direction the label next takes and to see what talent it can unearth and discover from the ever growing, ever emerging UK electronic music scene.

Discos Dead:

Purchase: Forth/The Look

Written by Thomas Mullett

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