Hurfyd: YouTube Channel Of The Week

With a Techno theme running deep through the veins of Taystea HQ here in Swansea this week, I though there would be no better time that to introduce a new little feature, My YouTube music channel of the week. A simple, weekly running post that aims to highlight those who are making sure my taste in music doesn’t fall behind, whilst showing you guys a little something or too and hopefully learn something myself.

channel art

This weeks winner goes to the alias ‘Hurfyd’, one of the top uploaders of musical gold thats to be  found within an ever expanding UK  Bass/Techno/Whateveryouwantotcallit scene. With not a great deal known about the user (other than the fact they have a great deal of love for Adventure Time), it’s one of my favourite places to visit on a Sunday evening and get nasty. With its rough pumping Techno vibes and paradigm altering 80’s VHS recordings converted into music videos, this channel is nirvana  for all the fellow tech heads out there. Don’t believe my hype, check out the channel.

5 good reasons why you should hit subscribe.

5. Sebmann – Kase 2

4. Kalli – Nil By Mouth

3. PulseCode – Get Large (Circula Remix)

2. Palms Trax – Equation


1. Dass & Fredie Norwood – Still Get On


Stay tuned for more.

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